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Your Orthodontic Journey

We understand that the thoughts of visiting any dental setting can be a cause of stress for some people. At Balbriggan Braces we aim to make every trip to our practice as worry-free as possible.

Your First Visit

Your first visit involves a discussion about your orthodontic concerns and your goals for treatment. We examine the teeth and the bite and take some measurements.

Usually at this stage, the Orthodontist will be able to discuss the Orthodontic irregularities and treatment options with you. You will be given a provisional treatment plan with the costings and payment plan explained. This plan is finalised at your second visit following some x-rays and a 3D scan of your teeth. Once you are happy with the proposed treatment plan the braces are fitted on your third visit. 

  • Complete your medical history form prior to your appointment. You will receive this via text message.
  • Meet the team
  • Explain to us your concerns about your teeth
  • Explain what you want to achieve with Orthodontic treatment
  • Basic Orthodontic exam and measurements
  • Discussion on the types of treatment suitable for you and the options available
  • Informed about the costs and the payment plan available.

Your Second Visit

The full cost of the treatment and the monthly installments are discussed
at your child’s free consultation.

Once you have decided to proceed with your braces treatment you will return for x-rays and a 3D scan of the teeth. These quick and easy procedures confirm the findings from the first visit and allow a full treatment to be formulated.

Your Third Visit

Your brace will be fitted at this visit. This visit usually takes about an hour. We will first explain and demonstrate how you will keep your teeth clean and your oral hygiene to a high standard while your brace is on. We will provide you with a suitable toothbrush and some small tepe brushes to get you started. We will also show you how to place was on your brace if it causes discomfort in the first few days.

Having your brace fitted is not painful. We do however have to keep your mouth dry during the procedure so you will have a little suction tube in your mouth. The little brackets are stuck onto the teeth with a special tooth glue and a light shines on the teeth to set the cement.

Your teeth may be a little tender following the fitting of the brace but generally, it is not considered too painful. Following the fitting we will schedule appointments every 6-8 weeks for adjustments.

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Following treatment

When your braces are removed, we strongly advise that you wear a retainer at night to prevent your teeth from moving from their newly aligned position. We provide a set of retainers when the braces are removed, and we monitor your experience with them for one year post-treatment.

More information about Your Orthodontic Journey


What happens during the first orthodontic consultation?

During your initial visit, we discuss your concerns, conduct an examination, and present treatment options. You’ll receive a provisional treatment plan and cost details.

Are x-rays and a 3D scan necessary for orthodontic treatment?

Yes, these diagnostic tools help confirm findings, allowing for a comprehensive treatment plan and precise braces placement. 

How long does it take to fit braces during the third visit?

Fitting braces typically takes about an hour. We also provide instructions on maintaining oral hygiene with braces and address any initial discomfort.

What if I experience discomfort with my braces or retainers?

If you experience discomfort, we provide guidance on managing it. For braces, we demonstrate how to use wax for relief, and for retainers, any initial discomfort should subside over time.

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