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A Simple Guide to Getting Braces for Your Kids

If you think your children need braces, it is best to make an appointment with an orthodontist to have their teeth examined. The orthodontist can talk to you about the issues that are going on with the teeth and the best method of treatment to straighten the teeth out.

Choose an Orthodontist

Before you can visit the orthodontist, you would need to choose the right one to go to. It is best to do some extensive research on the orthodontists in your area. You want to make sure that your children are visiting with an orthodontist that is going to make them feel comfortable while helping them with the process of straightening their teeth. Look for information on these dental professionals, read reviews, and even check out their websites before you book an appointment for your children to have an examination done.

Select the Braces You Want for Your Child

During the visit, the orthodontist will talk to you about different types of braces that are commonly used to straighten the teeth. You will need to decide on the specific type of braces you would like your children to have.

The most common options include:– Metal braces. These braces are the traditional type of braces that involve the use of metal brackets and wires that attach to the teeth. Rubber bands are placed around the brackets to help with the straightening process. The rubber bands are changed every month.

-Invisalign braces. These braces are more modern and have gained popularity over the past decade. Instead of having metal brackets glued to the teeth, plastic aligners are provided. The plastic aligners help straighten the teeth, but your children can remove them when they are planning to have a meal or when they need to floss and brush. It is often easier to keep the teeth cleaner when wearing these braces because the metal does not get in the way.

You would need to think about the straightening method that you feel is best for your children. If you feel like your children would regularly remove the plastic aligners instead of wearing them often enough, traditional braces may be the way to go. You should also find out about pricing and financing options. Most orthodontists are willing to allow parents of patients to pay a monthly fee for the braces instead of paying for it all in one lump sum. Gather your information and then make these decisions on behalf of your children.

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I got my braces off Tuesday, two days ago I cannot stop smiling, from the first appointment I was made feel completely at ease, the staff were so so nice always professional and friendly. I would highly recommend. Each appointment was quick and and staff were brilliant, Aileen and her assistants. Thank you all so much for everything you are brilliant. I couldn’t be happier.

Rebecca HDrogheda

Just had my braces removed today and I couldn’t be any happier with the results. I’d recommend Balbriggan Braces to anyone! Excellent staff.

Cathal FLusk

Couldn't recommend a better orthodontist! All the staff are so pleasant & friendly. I have had an amazing orthodontic treatment and I am over the moon with the results. Thanks a million to everyone at balbriggan braces. 10/10.

Shona Mc MSkerries

Recently got my braces removed and could not be happier with the results! From day one the staff at balbriggan braces have always been so friendly and professional, making you feel totally at ease! A huge thank you to Dr Máire for all her great work and to her lovely team who were always so helpful and accommodating, highly recommend!

Shauna RBaldoyle

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