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Kids & Teenage Braces

Kids and teenage braces correct biting positions and align the teeth.

What age should I bring my child to see an Orthodontist?

The ideal age for a first assessment is 8-9 years of age. At this stage your Orthodontist can assess your child’s need for braces and an optimal time to start.

Early Intervention

Sometimes a child will need an early appliance to correct irregularities before  their teenage years. These ‘training braces’ are used to align the jaws and guide bone growth before they have teenage braces.

What are the different types of Braces?


A Twin-Block appliance is the world’s most used removable appliance. It is referred to as a functional appliance as it modifies the way the mouth functions to achieve the desired Orthodontic results. Twin-Blocks can correct large over-jets (where the top teeth are quite a bit ahead of the lower teeth).


Coloured Braces are just like traditional metal ‘train-track’ braces except they have a small, coloured elastic around the bracket. A very popular choice for teenagers and young adults, the bright colours add fun to the Orthodontic experience.


These braces are sometimes used on younger children to help with mild irregularities of the teeth or the bite.

Treatment Costs

We offer payment plans thereby the total cost is distributed across the treatment time. A typical train track case costing €3,650 is paid as follows. 

€800 over the first two visits following your free first visit. Then the remainder is divided into 18 or 24 monthly installments depending on the treatment time. This equates to €158 or €118 per month.

20% of the total (€730) can be claimed back from revenue using a Med 2 form if someone in the household is paying tax on earnings.

More information about Kids/Teenage Braces


What is the ideal age for my child's first orthodontic assessment?

The ideal age for a first assessment is 8-9 years. This allows our orthodontists to evaluate your child’s needs and determine the best time to start treatment.

What is early intervention, and when is it necessary?

Early intervention involves using appliances like training braces or removable braces to correct irregularities before the teenage years. Our orthodontists will assess your child’s needs and recommend early intervention if necessary.

What are coloured braces, and are they suitable for my teenager?

Coloured braces are similar to traditional metal braces but have small, colourful elastics. They are a fun and popular choice for teenagers and young adults, allowing them to personalise their orthodontic experience.

What are over-jets?

Over-jets are caused by the top teeth sticking out, or the lower jaw being too far back or a combination of the two. The Twin Block can also widen the upper arch to allow for crowded teeth to come down.

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