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Braces for Kids in Bettystown: What Are the Advantages?

Some children have naturally straight teeth and others have crooked teeth that are spaced out or overlapping one another. When a child does not have straight teeth, it can cause several problems. Not only would it likely make the child feel insecure about his or her smile, but it could also make it harder to take good care of the teeth. Those with crooked teeth often have a difficult time flossing because the teeth overlap one another. When the teeth are overlapping, it is not easy to get between them with the floss.

Getting Braces for Crooked Teeth

If a child has crooked teeth, braces are ideal. While many children would get braces during their teenage years, orthodontists now recommend earlier treatment. Children as young as seven years of age can benefit from getting braces earlier in life. The process of wearing braces to straighten the teeth can take some time. Some people will need to wear their braces for around two years, but it does depend on the condition of their teeth beforehand and the way that their teeth begin to shift while wearing the braces.

The Benefits of Braces

Braces for kids are beneficial for various reasons. The braces help with the straightening process, which will give children more confidence in their appearance, especially when they are talking or smiling. However, confidence is not the only benefit of braces. Children that were having a difficult time flossing and taking the best care of their teeth will now have an easier opportunity to floss, remove food particles, and keep their teeth clean. When children have better oral hygiene habits, they can eliminate plaque, prevent tartar, and avoid decay.

What Are the Options?

Children have several options when getting braces. Metal braces are the most common and traditional options. The metal braces are effective, but there is another option. Invisalign braces help straighten the teeth without the bulk of the metal materials. Some people prefer Invisalign because they can remove their aligners to eat or brush their teeth, making their oral hygiene routine a lot easier. Children will need to discuss these options with their parents beforehand.

Kids can benefit from getting braces when they have teeth that are crooked, too spaced out, or even overlapping one another. Some kids will need to wear the braces for up to two years to complete the straightening process. However, it is worth it for children that want to have straight, healthy teeth.

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I got my braces off Tuesday, two days ago I cannot stop smiling, from the first appointment I was made feel completely at ease, the staff were so so nice always professional and friendly. I would highly recommend. Each appointment was quick and and staff were brilliant, Aileen and her assistants. Thank you all so much for everything you are brilliant. I couldn’t be happier.

Rebecca HDrogheda

Just had my braces removed today and I couldn’t be any happier with the results. I’d recommend Balbriggan Braces to anyone! Excellent staff.

Cathal FLusk

Couldn't recommend a better orthodontist! All the staff are so pleasant & friendly. I have had an amazing orthodontic treatment and I am over the moon with the results. Thanks a million to everyone at balbriggan braces. 10/10.

Shona Mc MSkerries

Recently got my braces removed and could not be happier with the results! From day one the staff at balbriggan braces have always been so friendly and professional, making you feel totally at ease! A huge thank you to Dr Máire for all her great work and to her lovely team who were always so helpful and accommodating, highly recommend!

Shauna RBaldoyle

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